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Promotion of Companies and Projects

  • Development of investment / business plan and Project resume preparation;
  • Development of investment / business plan and Project resume preparation;
  • Development of business, organizational and finance model of the Project;
  • Evaluation of maximum economic effectiveness of the Project;
  • Marketing strategy setting and optimal sales instrument search;
  • Preparing of business / Project for sale, organization and maintenance of the transaction;
  • Monitoring, analysis and appraisal of the Project results;
  • Expansion of the outlet and focus area of your business / Project – the opportunity to become a major player in the areas that were not previously available.


Attraction of investment. Business corporization

  • Evaluation of financial appeal of the company, business or Project;
  • Identifying possible funding sources;
  • Design of scheme of investment attraction aimed to company’s /Project’s ongoing and strategic activity development;
  • Cooperation with private and institutional, pension, hedge, insurance and alternative funds.


Search of business partners and key personnel

  • Search and choosing of strategic and longtime partners;
  • Search and choosing of business partners in different geographic regions;
  • Establishment of business contacts and development of relationships between companies;
  • Assistance in the joint ventures organization;
  • Organization of business meetings, conferences and seminars;
  • Search and choosing of key and core employees;
  • Search and choosing of specialized teams, business and regional divisions.


Consulting. Business administration. Risk management

  • "Fresh look" at potential or undetected possibilities of your company / Project;
  • External control (management) of business, and various consulting;
  • Different risk identification, minimization and management. Hedging;
  • Project Management;
  • Legal support and Accountancy;
  • IT services, cloud services, program rental and equipment, IT consulting.

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